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Running Into Hyperspace at the 2017 RunDisney Star Wars – Dark Side Half Marathon

Stormtroopers. The Force. Darth Vader. These are things you may encounter this weekend if you’re running in the RunDisney Dark Side Challenge. This is just the second time this half marathon is being offered, but it’s proving to be very successful, with most races selling out within an hour of being open for registration. With most runners gearing up to run tomorrow, let’s take a look at some of the dark side merchandise they can try to smuggle into their luggage for their trip back to Earth:

First, we have a look at the general merchandise that is being offered. There are race logo shirts and race shirts depending on which you ran (5k, 10k, half). They are all themed around the dark side, and each race has a different character representing it. There are also activewear shirts available for purchase, which is perfect for any runner. There is a waterbottle available with the logo. There are “I did it!” magnets. There is a specialty RunDisney Dark Side ornament. And of course, my favorite, the pins. Each represents the medal that is given to runners after they complete their race.

There is also athilesuire clothing available. These sweatpants and shirts are meant to bring out your dark side whether you are gearing up for your next race or just running errands. I am in love with the Death Star sleeveless hoodie! I also love that there are sayings on the sweatpants so they are not just plain.

Next is the Kessel Run merchandise. The Kessel Run is when you do both the Light Side at Disneyland and the Dark Side at Disney World. Based on everyone’s favorite smuggler (Han Solo) and his infamous ship (the Millennium Falcon), this run lets you try to beat its twelve parsec count! The merchandise includes shirts, hats, magnets, and pins.

It’s not an official Disney event without a Dooney and Bourke bag of course! These limited release bags are sure to sell out quickly. When I went to get mine last year, every bag was sold out except for the wristlet (which was the one I actually wanted!). I love that they are sticking with the black, red, and white colors. And of course they feature everyone’s favorite villains! The biggest tote features Darth Vader, while the crossbody and wristlet feature Vader, Kylo Ren, Stormtroopers, and the Imperial Troopers.

These items are available at the expo, which is open only for the weekend. Be sure to pick up a times guide and go check it out!

Will you be running the Dark Side Challenge? Or are doing another RunDisney event this year? I’d love to know! Comment and tell me what your thoughts are on this merchandise!

I went to the expo last year while I did a DisneyBound of Princess Leia, my favorite Star Wars character! It was a lot of fun, and interesting when the Stormtroopers would not let me onto the expo floor!



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