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A Handy Disney Handbag

I cannot tell you how much of an accessory person I am. Clothes and accessories are what make or break my park visits. I have to be looking cute and representing what I can while I’m out and about. And, to me, purses and handbags are my main staple. They have to serve a purpose as a statement to an outfit and also be functional. There are a few brands and bags I love, and I will share them with you:

First, we have Harvey’s. Made from seat belts, they come in many colors as well as designs. You can get plain ones with patches on them. Or you can get ones that represent characters. Harvey’s is very accommodating to get you the right Disney bag you need. They release a few bags every few months. We expect that there will be a special limited release one for the D23 expo in July!

Next is Coach. Coach came out with a limited release collection in June of 2016. Most items either had a little Mickey on them, or ears on the bags. There were also bag tags and key chains available for purchase. The collection sold out quickly. There is currently plans for a new release this summer, but at Coach outlet stores only.

Kate Spade New York did a special collection last year for the “Minnie Rocks the Dots” campaign. This collection was sold specially online and at Disney Springs. This was Kate Spade’s first Disney collection, and I would not be surprised if there is another one sometime in the future!

The next that I love (and most affordable if you get the right sale!) is Loungefly. Loungefly has so many cute Disney and Star Wars bags. They are sold at multiple stores, including Hot Topic, Box Lunch, and even the Disney parks. The ones in the Disney parks are labeled Disney Boutique, and are a little bit more pricey due to the name.

My favorite affordable handbags are Danielle Nicole x Disney. Most are small crossbody bags, but they’re very cute and have fun characters on them! I own the Mrs. Potts bag with the Chip hangtag. I get compliments whenever I use it! They are available on the Danielle Nicole website, but other retailers are getting them in stock, including the Disney store!

My all time, hands down favorite Disney handbag collection is any Dooney & Bourke Disney bag. Sure they’re expensive (just a wristlet is $99), but they’re real leather and have fun patterns! I got my first one at the 2016 Disney Princess half marathon, and my obsession just accumulated. I also have the inaugural Star Wars Dark Side challenge wristlet. I’ve been hesitant to buy a third, because there are so many new designs that are being produced, I don’t know which one to get! I think my regret is not buying the Disneyland 60th bag, and I’m hoping to find one soon!

Like I stated before, handbags either make or break my outfit. I have so many fun Disney bags that it’s always hard for me to choose which one to use! But no matter what, I always get compliments on my bags. If you need help choosing which one to get, just remember, think what is practical for you as well as the design that fits your style. And you never know who will end up wanting your bag!

Rapunzel loves the 2016 Princess Half bag! She couldn’t believe all her friends were on it.

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