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The Art of Disney

Disney art is probably one of my favorite things. I just love all the paintings and prints, and how amazing they would look lining my walls at home. On my college program, I had the pleasure of working the Art of Disney store in Epcot (there are also ones in Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs). The store was small, but lined with all different canvases and collectibles. I loved every second of it, and I really miss going in there to find new artwork up each week.

With so many collectibles and artwork available, I will be solely focusing on actual artwork in this post. You will find different paintings and painters that I love. I do have an admiration for collectibles (Jim Shore figurines are my favorite!), but there are so many, I would like to do a separate post later on them. So what are we waiting for? Let’s see how great art can be:

These three are my favorites that I currently have, and really want to see in person! The first one is “Belle in Library” by June Kim. With the new movie just coming out, I loved seeing this being available! The second one is “Epcot Dreams” by David Buckley. I am obsessed with Epcot, and this is the perfect piece that combines both Future World and the World Showcase, as well as Mickey and Minnie enjoying it all from the lagoon. The third piece is “Small World Selfies” by Jerrod Maruyama. I love the fact that Mickey and Minnie are hipster, and they’re being like actual Guests by taking selfies in front of an attraction.

These next few pieces are ones that I’ve collected over the past two years! I absolutely love them, and cannot wait to display them once I have my own place! The first one is Alex Maher’s “Elsa Snow Queen”. I love seeing Elsa in her coronation gown, and many paintings do not have her in it. I knew I could not pass it up!

The second piece is part of the Disney’s Magical Moments collection. This is one of the five prints available for Frozen. I love that the outer part matches the print, and it is such a sweet moment shared between Anna and Elsa. 

This next piece is actually a laser cut cell. These come out every once in a while, and this was specially available at Star Wars Weekends. It depicts Minnie as Princess Leia, with the Rebellion symbol behind her.

This next piece is annual passholder artwork that was available during the 2016 Flower and Garden show. My friends were very nice to give this to me because they only wanted one! This was 2 of 3, and it’s a cute little print for going to the festival!

This next piece is very special to me. I went out to Disneyland for the first time last summer, and they have really cool name art available. I was asked my favorite character, Elsa, and the artist did her magic to make my name into a pretty piece of work! I’m still in the process of getting it framed, but can’t wait until it is hanging above my Cast Member display in my room! 

This next section is going to feature my three favorite painters: David Doss, Larry Dotson and Thomas Kinkade. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both David and Larry at the Art of Disney in Epcot. They do special weekends where they sit in the store and talk with Guests about their work. Both are very nice men, and I had very meaningful conversations with them about their art. As for Thomas Kinkade, however, he passed away a few years ago. His studio now makes new paintings in his style, but none of them compare to his originals.

love the locations David Doss uses for his paintings. And I love his attention to detail! The first is his Beach Club painting. If you’ve never been to the Beach Club hotel, they have an awesome sand bottom pool, and its right next to the little beach for the area hotels. This shows it perfectly. The second is one of his Grand Floridian paintings. I love that it shows Mickey on the Grand beach, and the buckets have the GF hotel logo and both Mickey and Minnie on them. The last one is Mickey and Minnie enjoying the castle view from the Polynesian hotel beach. The Poly hotel logo is on the bucket, and there is a tiki as well as Mickey and Minnie drawing in the sand.

Larry Dotson has some really incredible artwork. I love his style, and the fact that if you get a small painting, it’s affordable. Being a Florida native, you can find him at Epcot almost every weekend during the festivals. He will also sign your artwork if you’d like him to. My best friend gave me his “Magic of Elsa” painting for Christmas in 2015, and he even signed it to me for her. I have it on my shelf, and I love seeing it everyday.

Lastly, Thomas Kinkade is my favorite painter for Disney artwork. He is the “painter of light,” and I just love that. I love that his Disney paintings have hidden Mickeys in them, as well as hidden characters! Like in his Beauty and the Beast painting, you can see Pinocchio and Bambi. I was able to get the Beauty and the Beast puzzle the last time I was in the parks, and I can’t wait to glue it together and frame it to hang up. The next two are my favorite paintings he has done. I love Tangled, and know at some point I have to get a copy of this! The detail and colors are amazing on it. The same with this Main Street and castle! I love the light detail and how the castle is the brightest thing in the painting.

As you can see, there is lots of Disney art. You can check it out at the Art of Disney stores, or even on the Shop Disney Parks app. They are expensive, but the quality makes them worth it. I can’t wait to get mine hung up so everyone can see it.

Do you have a favorite piece of Disney art? Or a specific painter that does Disney artwork? I’d like to know so I can check it out when I’m in the parks next time!


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