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“Be Our Guest!” By Celebrating all things Beauty and the Beast!


Today is a big day for many Beauty and the Beast fans: the live action movie finally hits theaters! When it was announced, many people, including myself, freaked out and have had this date circled on our calendars for over a year. With a star studded cast and a new take on the original, it has been leaving fans anxious to see it.

With the movie came all new merchandise, many of which can be found in stores including the Disney Store, Hot Topic, Torrid, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and many more. With collections selling out quickly, I knew I had to jump to get my hands on some of it. Below are some new items, as well as items from the animated original that are my favorites.

First is this dress from the fashion collection at Hot Topic and Torrid. I ended up getting mine from Torrid, and it fits perfectly. Inspired from Belle’s new dress in the live action movie, I love the skirt’s overlay and the ribbon that ties up the back. It is definitely a must have, and I can’t wait to use it for my Belle cosplay at the D23 expo this summer!

My next favorite piece is the peplum top from the collection! Adorned with a floral print, it also has the characters on it! This is so comfy and fits so well. I highly recommend it.

My next favorite thing is the Pandora charm collection! This special edition set is valued at $185, but is such a great deal considering the one charm costs $70 on its own! With this, you receive the Belle dress charm, Rose charm, Mrs. Potts and Chip charm, a copy of the soundtrack and a limited edition lithograph (not pictured).

I am obsessed with hair bows, and could not pass this one up when I saw it at Hot Topic! Complete with a rose, this yellow Belle inspired hair bow is one that will make you feel complete!

Pretty Little Monograms debuted their Enchanted collection last month, and I could not pass on getting something from it! Despite a long production time, this stuff is high quality and amazing in detail. I had to get myself the Enchanted Tea Cup rain jacket! I can’t wait to use it this spring for when April brings a few showers!

Found at the Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts, as well as at the Disney Store online, the next items are something to treasure forever! The new Belle MagicBand 2.0 is a limited edition band with herself on the one side and the logo and a rose on the other. The next is the Lumiere candelabra. It is also limited edition, and is a perfect collector’s item! And yes, there is a matching Cogsworth to go along with it (sold separately). Besides the live action versions, Disney also sells the animated versions as well. Lastly, this fleece sweatshirt is great for perfect for chilly nights in the castle! The sleeves have floral on them, and it says the quote “True beauty is found within.”

Lastly, I picked this up at the Cinemark movie theater last night! Valued at $7.50 plus tax, this little bucket and cup set is perfect for anyone!

This is just a tiny fraction of all the merchandise that is available. Even putting this list together was hard because there is so much available that I picked up. Check out myInstgram here  to see some other Beauty and the Beast items I own! The movie was so phenomenal, and I highly recommend going to see it. You won’t be disappointed!

Have you seen the movie yet? Did you like it? Have any other items from the merchandise line that I should know about? Comment below, I’d love to hear!


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