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Blooming into Spring with the 2017 Flower & Garden Festival!


Ah, spring. The time when the flowers start to bloom, and the weather gets warmer, and there’s a sense of refreshment in the air. It also signals the time for the annual International Flower and Garden show at Epcot!


Spring has sprung early this year, with the festival starting on Wednesd
ay, March 1st and going all the way through Monday, May 29th. This is also the longest the festival has ever run! And with the festival, comes all the amazing merchandise. Lets take a look at some of what is offered this year.


Besides regular festival logo’d tee shirts, women can find a cute purple Minnie Mouse tank top with the logo and floral bow on it. There is also a purple shirt with design on the right side that includes Figment. A lovely cap is available, with the logo on front and a picture underneath that includes spaceship earth and a monorail. There is also a pair of pink ears with Minnie on one ear and Figment on the other. The bow on it is pink as well, with a blue jewel in the middle. And lastly, but thing that will sell out very easily, is the Dooney & Bourke bags. Available in a large satchel, medium dome bag, and small handheld wallet, these light blue bags with a unique design for the festival are perfect for anyone who wants to carry the festival with them year round.



The next items are my favorite- pins! These specialty pins are available at Pin Central, as well as select locations in the park. My favorite pin, by far, is the Belle and Beast pin; it also goes along with the new Belle topiary that is debuting this year in the France pavilion! Next we have a two pack of butterflies, that are based on Mickey and Minnie. We also have a Mickey pin and a Minnie pin with them gardening in the World Showcase. There is also a limited release Mickey pin with him gardening as well as Spaceship Earth and a monorail in the background. Lastly, we have a four pack pin set with the orange bird, Figment, Stitch and Judy Hopps.


Other souvenirs available include a special dressed Shellie Mae bear, a magnet, a flower pot, Figment garden stone, Figment garden figurine, gardening set, and a Tervis tumbler (which, if it’s like last year’s, it will sell out quickly!).


There is also a special map egg hunt! Going throughout the world showcase, after you have found all the eggs, you will get a special egg yourself! My friends and I did this last year on a quiet morning and had so much fun just strolling to find the eggs and trying all the delicious foods available!


Lastly, we have special items available for passholders! To obtain this merchandise, you must present your valid pass and valid I.D. There is a special Lilo & Stitch pin, two tee shirts (only one is pictured, but both can currently be found on the Shop Disney Parks app), a special wine glass, and a special Figment pin.

There will be other merchandise available in the park. Most of it will be garden items. There are also different artwork kiosks and specialty item kiosks around the World Showcase, so be sure to stop by and check them out as well!

All merchandise will be available in Epcot at different kiosks in the World Showcase, Mouse Gear, and the Festival Center (Check your Times Guide for Festival Center times). It will also be available later on the Shop Disney Parks app, which is the free app for your Apple or Android devices.

Are you excited for the Flower and Garden festival? Will you be going? Do you have a favorite topiary to see or food that you have to try? Comment below!

Epcot Entrance for Flower & Garden 2016!

**All images are from the Disney Parks blog, and can be found here.


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