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Going Wild for Rivers of Light!


This past Friday, February 17th, something that has been in the making for quite a while happened: Rivers of Light, the new nighttime show at Animal Kingdom, finally debuted. For the fans who have been following this, the show was supposed to debut on Earth Day 2016, but has now finally made its first performance. And with this debut, lots of merchandise now lines the stores on Discovery Island. But what exactly is available? And how does it fit in with the show? We are going to take a look:


Florida nights can get chilly, so a great sweatshirt can easily make one feel warm. A crew neck sweatshirt is available for adults while kids have the option of a zip-up jacket. Both include a Rivers of Light logo on the right side higher on the front.

Tee Shirts:

No Disney attraction is complete without tee shirts to accompany it! What I love about these is the colors and prints. Adults can grab a basic black tee shirt with the logo, while kids can get a burgundy color tee shirt with the logo. Ladies and girls can grab a sublimated burgundy tee shirt with animals on the front, and the logo on the back near the neck hem. This shirt is definitely my favorite item from the entire line of merch!img_4968


Disney always makes sure to have specific souvenirs. For Rivers of Light, there is a pin, a mug (with the logos on both sides), a shot glass (not pictured), and two ornaments. The first one is a plain ornament with the Rivers of Light logo and animals on it.

The other ornament available is an ear hat. It features the logos on the front, with two animals, and another two animals on the back. The best part about this ear hat, however, is the fact that it lights up! (The first picture shows the ear hat lit up)

Also available is beach towel and a blanket. This towel would be great if you come off of Kali River Rapids and need to dry off before getting in line for the show! The blanket (not pictured) is a fleece that is perfect for using on colder nights when the show is going on.


Glow products:

Of course, with the name Rivers of Light, you have to have glow products! The first product shown is a glow lanyard. It has the logo and the disc lights up different colors with the different animals. The second product shown is an LED fan. Its perfect for those summer nights when its so sticky and you’re waiting in line. The coolest part is that the lights on the fan creates animals when its turned on! The last item shown is the Totem Pole. It can be purchased for $30, and its a Made with Magic item. So if you use it during the show, it will light up in sync with the show! How cool is that?



The last item that can be purchased is a CD filled with the music from the show, and music from the Tree of Life awakenings. I have not received word if it is available for purchase in the parks yet, but the Shop Disney Parks app says it is out of stock. But keep checking the app because you never know when it will come in!img_4971

All this merchandise is currently available on the Shop Disney Parks app, the free app available for Apple and Android. The app features all park merchandise and it will be sent straight to your home! I use it all the time to get my Disney fix without having to go to the parks!

We want to hear from you! Are you excited for Rivers of Light? Will you be going to see it this year? And do you have any thoughts on the merchandise? Anything Disney should have made that isn’t available? We want to know! Comment below!

*All credit goes to Disney for the pictures. They are taken directly from the Shop Disney Parks app.


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