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The Ears Have It!


This is one quintessential item that every Disney go-er needs. It’s an iconic thing that never goes out of style, and only grows better with age. That would be a pair of ears. Whether you are not even a year old or ninety years old, every park goer needs at least one pair of ears in their life. It’s a timeless tradition. I remember the first pair of ears my parents bought me on my first trip to Disney; in fact, I still have them displayed in my room today as inspiration.

The most simple pair of ears, and the one everyone needs to own at least once, are the basic ears with Mickey on the front that says either “Walt Disney World” or “Disneyland.” They are like the ones shown above, and the best part is that you can get them personalized! For a few extra dollars, Disney will put your name on the back with different fonts or colors. It adds a little magical touch for you to know they are yours.


There are so many other ears to choose from. You can get ones that look like characters, or ones that are based on park attractions. There is usually one store in the park that sells all the ears together, and has the embroidery. Just ask a Cast Member to find out where it is!

Besides actual ear hats, I also happen to love the ear headbands! They are usually adorned with a bow like Minnie’s, and they come in all different designs as well. My favorite pair would have to be my Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration ears. They are black, sparkly ears with a big blue bow in the middle that has crystals all over it. They are available at both Disneyland and Disney World. ear-5

The new trend is now Princess ear headbands! Available in a few of the princesses, the ears are designed like the dress of the princess. They are very popular, and hopefully Disney will release more princesses for the line!


Disney also has special ears that “glow with the show!” They are called ‘Made with Magic,’ and the products are specially designed to light up in sync with the nighttime shows at the parks. There are ear hats and a headband. Pictured is the old style headband (that I currently own), but there are now newer items that debuted late last summer. These items cost more than regular ear hats and headbands, but they have the special technology to be able to glow in sync with the show. They are even awesome to have as a pair of light up ears!ear-6

A big trend within the past few years has been D.I.Y. or custom-made ears. There are tutorials on Google and YouTube that are simple, as long as you have the proper supplies. Don’t feel like making your own, but want special custom ones? Try Etsy! There are more than enough stores that have the design your thinking of, or even somewhere you can contact the seller to get them directly custom-made. The best place for inspiration is Instagram. Most Etsy sellers show their designs on there, and there are even posts about making your own ears with flair!

Have questions about ears? Or getting some custom-made? Have a favorite ear shop you want me to know about? Comment below and I’ll check it out!


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